Baby Building Blocks Toy - 12 Pcs Set

$49.99 $69.99


Lovely set of building blocks which your baby would enjoy playing with while learning alphabets and numbers getting registered in their subconscious mind. The toy produces a ring sound when it is squeezed, which is an additional entertaining and fun feature of this baby toy set. Features:
  • 3D Embossed Soft Building Blocks, Embossed uniquely on all the six faces, better tactile, realistic and interesting.
  • Formaldehyde Free, BPA Free, PVC soft Rubber Non-toxic
  • Rings when Squeeze, Auditory and touch feeling training when Grasp
  • Can be used as water toy
  • Simple Number Addition and Subtraction. Improves Logical Thinking.
  • 12 different colors on 12 blocks
  • 12 Different Animals on each ball
  • Number cognition - every number corresponds to different fruits


  • Material: PVC soft Rubber. Formaldehyde Free, BPA Free, Non-toxic
  • Size: 5.2*6.2cm each piece

Delivery time: 12 business days

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