2.4G RC Smart Self Balancing Robot with Remote Control


Featured with 5 operating modes and a strong transmitter the little toy is aimed to bring you endless joy and fun. ?� Self-Balancing Robot. There are 5 operating modes prepared to satisfy you. Isn't it cute that the little man begin to dance with the music ready for a PK go wherever you want it to as you press the botton and start the game? This robot can detect hand gesture by its eyes making it possible to respond to forward backward turn left and right.?�Equipped with a strong transmitter it?�can also communicate through motion sounds and RGB.?� ?� Being able to keep balanced while sparing no efforts to meet your needs seriously you don't wanna miss this tiny sweetie. ?� Brand new and good quality Drive - go where you want it to Dancing - dance with music Boxing - allow two robots pk game Gesture control - KIB will detect hand gestures by its eyes -- ir transmitters responds to forward backward turn left and right Balance - stack object on top of the tray keep it balance and let it move slowly Suitable for children ages 8+

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