Electric Double Breastfeeding Pump with Expression & Massage Modes

$51.94 $59.93

This double breast pump is incredibly useful for moms who are breastfeeding! ?� The double breast pump allows moms to express milk bilaterally with no leakage and backflow improving the convenience for mothers and hygiene for babies. It produces low noise which makes it more convenient for mothers to put their babies to sleep or while using the pump in public. Furthermore the LED screened host with simple button control help moms use this machine more efficiently. The light-weight design and USB charging options make this breastfeeding pump super convenient to carry anywhere. ?� If you are looking for a such product don't hesitate to buy it! ?� The anti-leaking system allows moms to produce milk better while preserving every drop The anti-backflow mechanism guarantees its hygiene making it safe for children's health 3 functions with 9 power levels for meeting various needs Memory function improves the user experience LED Screen helps moms use the pump more efficiently The low noise provides additional convenience when trying to put your baby to sleep or when using the pump in public Multiple charging methods improve the practicability of the breast pump The light-weight design allows moms to carry it anywhere

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