Inflatable Baby Swim Ring


Inflatable Baby Swimming Ring

Let your baby and child learn swimming with this inflatable swim ring in a completely safe and fun way. It is designed in a way to prevent accidentally flipping upside down. Its raised front side encourages your baby to learn swimming in easy way.

Different from traditional baby swimming ring, this swimming float provide ideal swimming posture, supported by the strength of shoulder so that the baby will not slide down. 

Easy to inflate and deflate.folds easily for storage and transport. Its double-decked air chamber design, first inflates the small air chamber , and then inflate the big airbag.

Adopt preferable PVC material with thickness of 0.35mm.All parts have passed the ASTM, CPC and CE Standards,It possesses waterproof, non-toxic and durable characteristics.

Note: Do not inflate too full to its capacity (80%-90% of inflating is enough).

Delivery: 12 Business days

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